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Are you frustrated by acne? Do you lack self confidence due to acne? You need to understand some of the acne-causing factors. 

Black Comedone (Black Head) Vs White Comedones (White Head)
Acne can appear as black head (black comedone), white head (white comedone), nodulespapulae, and cystic. Comedone is a mild primary acne lesion. Black head appears when a clogged hair follicle is exposed. By contrast, white head appears when a clogged hair follicle remains closed. 

Other Forms of Acne
  1. Papulae is a small acne lesion (diameter 0.5 cm), reddish in color, and slightly prominent on skin surface. 
  2. Pustules is a small acne lesion and tender  because it contains pus. The base of pustules is usually reddish in color.
  3. Nodules is a larger acne lesion (swelling) and planted deeper than papulae. It has a round shape and usually painful. 
  4. Cysts is also usually painful. It is planted deeper than nodulesCysts contains fluid or semi solid matter. Nodules and cysts can result in big acne scars. 

Acne - Causing Factors
  1. Main acne - causing factor is hormonal activity that increases sebum production. High level of sex hormone, Androgen, during puberty is the main culprit of acne. Elevated Androgen and cortisol (a type of steroid hormone) levels also occur during stress. Stress hinders tissue recovery, thus exacerbate inflammation. Another acne - triggering hormone is elevated Lutenizing Hormone (LH) level in women after ovulation and endocrine gland disorder (e.g. ovarium cysts and tumor). 
  2. Medicines: oral contraceptive increases progesterone production and steroid to increase muscle mass may trigger acne.
  3. Sunlight (ultraviolet) increases sebum production and keratin that may worsen acne. Sunlight also makes acne marks darker than their surrounding skin.
  4. Genetic (hereditary) can be traced from family history. For instance, grandfather and father used to have acne problems. Thus, their offspring is likely to have acne problem too.
  5. Diet: although remain debatable, what you eat / drink may affect acne. For example, allergy to certain food ingredients. Furthermore, milk products or fatty meals usually makes your stool harder. As a result, feces lasts longer in your colon. Feces is a source of toxins. Feces that stays too long in colon causes toxins to be reabsorbed into your body and leads to health problems such as acne. Thus, you need to regularly evacuate your bowel. 
Mitra Laboratory Klinik takes care  acne with Blue Light and HeNe Laser. This therapy is collectively known as Low Level Light Therapy (3LT).

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